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Update from ‘Steadfast Yarmouk’ and a Note

More than a month has passed since the actions of the Palestinian Camps in Syria, and the siege on Yarmouk Camp is still ongoing…

Today, September 13, 2013, despite the crippling regime-imposed siege on Yarmouk Camp, Damascus, the people of the Camp went out and protested after Friday noon prayers. They began in front of Palestine Mosque and marched throughout the Camp.

Women, men and children of Yarmouk at today’s protest [Source]

In their protest, the residents stressed Palestinian-Syrian unity throughout the ongoing conflict, called on the armed opposition to come to the front and break the siege. They also repeated calls from their “Breaking the Silence Campaign” to the Palestinian Diaspora to aid by working to lift the siege on the Camp and the southern parts of Damascus.

Video from today’s protest in Yarmouk Camp

Following the protest, Yarmouk was shelled with rockets, a daily part of the ongoing siege imposed on the Camp. Video here.

The people of Yarmouk have come out and protested following the receipt of heartbreaking news two days ago, regarding a well-loved activist: Khaled Bakrawi. Khaled Bakrawi was a 24-year old activist from Yarmouk Camp, born and raised in Syria but originally from Lubya, Palestine that was ethnically cleansed in 1948.


Khaled Bakrawi, Martyr.

Khaled Bakrawi played an integral role in rallying the masses in the struggle for justice. He was one of the founders of the Jafra Foundation and was extremely active in the Palestinian Youth Movement. During the commemoration of al-Naksa in 2011, Khaled was injured when Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on the protestors. Despite his wounds, he remained steadfast in his struggles and organized for the internally displaced that made their way into Yarmouk.

Khaled Bakrawi had been missing, thought to be in Assad’s jails, since January 19, 2013. This was confirmed on September 11, 2013 when news of his martyrdom broke; he had been tortured to death. Khaled leaves behind a legacy of Resistance and compassion, one that any Revolutionary against the universal struggle of tyranny should hope to emulate. Rest in Power, ya shaheed.

A note

Despite siege, shelling, death and detainment, our Palestinian brothers and sisters have stood steadfast by Syrians and the Revolution. They have endured the brutality of the Assad regime for as long as we have, and have not wavered.

And neither should we, in our support of them. As such, it is the duty of Syrians in the Diaspora to say “NO” to normalization and partnerships with Zionists for the supposed sake of the Revolution. It is our duty as Syrians to stand against the regimes that have perpetuated the pain of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, to refuse “help” that surely comes at the cost of their freedom, their lives. It is our duty not to dirty our cause with the stain of collaboration, as our freedom and dignity will not arrive on the blood and pain of Palestine.

And lest we forget: “The nation of injustice is one; authoritarianism and Zionism

Freedom to all our detainees, in Zionist and Assadist jails. Long live the people.


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